Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Why Should I Join Groups?

By joining groups you spread your outreach.

LinkedIn allows you to join up to 50 groups. Don't just join buisness groups but think about other things -- your geographical area, your personal interests and things you want to be involved with.

I joined the Foodies group because -- guess what -- I love food and any discussions about food. Even though I feel outclassed by the many food professionals it's still a great place for me because I enjoy the postings and have actually answered a few quesitons myself.

The networking groups are great and so are the alumni groups. You'll meet people from all over the world, answer their questions and maybe get a chance to do business with them.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Social Media and the New Year

In the last decade we've seen a great change in communication caused by the Internet. It's changed how we send out information, how we get information and how we deal with information.

Social media and social networking which are still in their infancy have had a profound effect on how people communicate and relate to teach other. Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn are the three top social networks and LinkedIn is the one that is used solely for business.

Think about the reasons that you either use LinkedIn or will be using LinkedIn.

Hunt for a job.

Look up profiles to find out information about people.

Search for people you've lost contact with.

Use the Q & A for expertise or fun.

Join groups for information or networking.

Use the company profiles to find out more about a company.

Link yourself to people across the world.

These are a few of the ways LinkedIn can work for you.